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· 2 min read
Jon West

This will be a new addition to the Bliss OS lineup, featuring a number of advancements to running Android on PC hardware. These builds bring the manageability of a full blown Linux distro, along with an Android side for usability and compatibility. It also features a QEMU based Bliss OS session to help with configuration along side Linux, and Bliss OS specific grub menu options to allow the Android side to boot on bare-metal, taking full advantage of the hardware.


  • Based on Xubuntu 22.04.x LTS

  • Stripped of Snap and other Ubuntu apps/telemetry

  • Includes Ubuntu expanded hardware support drivers

  • QEMU based Bliss OS session

  • Bliss OS grub menu options (for running on bare-metal hardware)

  • Includes basic update and management scripts for Android side

  • Lots more, but we are just getting started…

Download the preview:

Live Boot Info:

User: Live

Password: evolution

Step 1:

Live boot (boots to xfce4)

Step 2:

Run installer (last step shows pop-up to specify data.img size), Done.

Step 3:

Reboot (hitting esc once when rebooting to show Grub menu, and select Bliss OS, or xubuntu)


Autologin is enabled, will launch last loaded session choice from Login screen