Bliss OS 14.3 Release

Bliss OS 14.3 - Generic, and 32bit Builds

We have a number of things to go through here, so let's not waste any time. I have decided it's time to start releasing some of the builds on a regular basis again. Starting off, we have an x86_64 build of Bliss OS 14.3 with Gapps included and arm64 native-bridge, and reintroducing 32bit (x86) builds into the mix. We also have a barebones stock AG-11 (Android-x86 11), with Boringdroid added instead of Taskbar for main Desktop UI

New Documentation Site:
We had to take down our wiki due to issues beyond our control, so things are now moved to

New Build Instructions:
We now have a couple options for compiling. You can use the instructions found on our docs site
Or you can now use the menu-driven Android-Generic Project 2.0

Updates Overview:

  • kernel-5.10.x & kernel-5.4.x versions
  • Added/Updated Gearlock
  • Fixes to bootable USB installer for Android 11
  • KVM support added to 5.10.xx kernels
  • Lots more, check the changelog

Gearlock kernel command Notes:
NOGFX=0 - Do not override kernel CLI options (needed if you plan on using Vulkan mode)
NORECOVERY=0 - Do not enter recovery or show countdown for it (should not combine any other Gearlock options with this)
NOSC=0 - Do not supercharge the system partition/image on boot
ALWAYSRECOVERY=0 - Always boot into recovery first.

!!WARNING!! The builds that use Kernel-5.2+ are no longer compatible with the AUTO_LOAD=old kernel command line option. If you are using this option to boot, then you will not be able to. It will bootloop.

PLEASE NOTE I recommend everyone testing to also use this in Vulkan mode or boot using gbm_gralloc (which is now the default). Vulkan mode can be done from the Advanced grub menu if you installed using the bootable installer, or if you used a different grub, you will want to add "VULKAN=1" to the grub entry before the word "quiet". If your device doesn't support Vulkan, you can add "GRALLOC=gbm" to the same place in your grub entry. Sleep states should work fine after that.
Other bootloop issues can also be solved by booting with GRALLOC=gbm command -line option.

Builds being uploaded:

  • BlissOS-14.3-x86_64-202106171155_k-google-5.10.32-lts-pledge-xanmod_m-r_emugapps_cros-hd.iso ARM64 not working
  • BlissOS-14.3-x86-202106172025_k-google-5.4.112-lts-ax86_m-r_foss_cros-hd.iso
  • BlissOS-14.3-x86_64-202106181339_k-google-5.4.112-lts-ax86_m-r_emugapps_cros-hd_gearlock.iso
  • AG-11--x86_64-202106131243_k-kernel-5.4_m-x86.iso

Known new issues:

  • Sleep states aren't working right on a few machines. Some can cause SystemUI to restart.
  • Some machines still have volume/sound issues, use 3rd party EQ or volume control.
  • Native-Bridge for ARM64 is not working in BlissOS-14.3-x86_64-202106171155 build. The BlissOS-14.3-x86_64-202106181339 build has this fixed.
  • Bluetooth is not working for many devices.


Website has been updated with most recent build links. Including a couple AOSP 11 builds (Stock & FOSS)


  bootable/newinstaller 948027a Apply GearLock patches #1 for bootable/newinstaller/install/grub2/efi/boot/android.cfg [AXON]
09921b6 Apply GearLock patches #1 for bootable/newinstaller/install/scripts/1-install [AXON]
80e9323 Apply GearLock patches #1 for bootable/newinstaller/initrd/init [AXON]
2cc9399 Apply GearLock patches #1 for bootable/newinstaller/ [AXON]
56a2e92 Apply GearLock 7.2.38 initrd hook [AXON] 
  device/generic/common 2b00b92 Apply GearLock patches #1 for device/generic/common/ [AXON]
bdd6020 Add Boringdroid [AGP-BOT] 
  hardware/interfaces 52c7d4b wifi: optionally reset the interface after setMacAddress [Tim Zimmermann]
a90abad Generate unique random mac address per AP interface [Veerendranath Jakkam]
46fd3b5 Revert "Fix so that dual access points (AP) works." [Purushottam Kushwaha]
281306e Revert "fpc: keep fpc in system-background" [Jake Weinstein]
9f49e62 bluetooth: do not fatally error on unknown packet types [Billy Laws]
7856819 Revert "Make sure passthrough fails initialization if required interfaces can not be initialized." [LuK1337] 
  bootable/newinstaller ff854af Add AG build options [Jon West]
42bd3c1 Add sha sum generation [Jon West] 
  packages/apps/Launcher3 0b3949e Add PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permissions [Jon West] 
  vendor/foss d665060 Update scripts for permission generation [Jon West]
8bfe778 Revert "vendor/foss: Include permissions required for Android devices. (priv-app)" [Jackeagle]
cae8cc1 foss: Re-enable alarmio app [Jackeagle]
e3f3d9e vendor/foss: Include permissions required for Android devices. (priv-app) [Jackeagle] 
  bootable/newinstaller 03dffdd Allow us to use 32bit rusty-magisk [Jon West] 
  device/generic/common f1ecaaa Allow us to use a separate virtualbox [Jon West] 
  vendor/foss e820929 Add x86 (32bit) support [Jon West] 
  device/generic/common f5edf69 Bring in gpu_access from Cuttlefish [Jon West] 
  device/generic/common 296bb90 Update sepolicy for widevine and drm [Jon West] 
  device/generic/common 396f73e Remove pre-1.3 drm hals [Robert Shih]
a9ab73a Move to clearkey drm 1.3 for cros widevine [Jon West]
3b1392b Add houdini switch [Jon West]
4e3fe32 Add switches for using Houdini or libndk NB [Jon West] 
  manifest 12dadf5 Track our own platform_testing & device/lineage/sepolicy [Jon West] 
  platform_testing fa285af Remove BluetoothInstrumentationTests [Jon West] 
  external/llvm- * 3ec3c51 DO NOT MERGE: android: translate soong build rules for libLLVM12 [Mauro Rossi]
2438d13 android: fix build errors in Android S [Michael Goffioul]
f6d76fb android: VNDK support for libLLVM and llvm-amdgpu-headers [Mauro Rossi] 
  bootable/recovery c600266 Revert "recovery: Allow custom bootloader msg offset in block misc" [Alessandro Astone]
459c667 Revert "recovery: wipe bootloader message from index 0 when using custom offsets" [Alessandro Astone] 
  device/lineage/sepolicy 2879ae4 adapt to GSI [Victor Bo] 
  hardware/lineage/interfaces 65352a0 Remove cryptfshw for PC builds [Jon West] 
  manifest 4761a7f Track our own recovery [Jon West]
54c7779 Combine manifests for PC builds [Jon West]
3820759 Prep for PC builds [Jon West] 
  bootable/newinstaller 3afc11e Remove ext4 install option [Jon West] 
  device/generic/common bc286b0 Switch to gbm as default gralloc [Jon West] 
  packages/apps/Dialer 4f5db85 Improve contatcts layout [DennySPB]
f405a76 Add ability to set full screen photos for calls [Alexey Derendyaev]
393ea0a CallRecordingAutoMigrator: Handle all exceptions [Pranav Vashi]
252fbbd Dialer: Make recording names sortable [Pranav Vashi]
14c6feb Add autorecord feature [DennySPB]
f5b0058 Dialer: Enable call recording for all [Pranav Vashi] 
  packages/apps/Settings b2bae91 Fix formatting in Android.bp [Jon West] 
  vendor/bliss b58ba73 Log private app permissions [Jon West] 
  vendor/overlays e573fac Merge changes from topic "gesture-navbar" into r [Jack] 
  bootable/newinstaller 9612459 Inherit initrd & install tools from openthos [Jon West]
1b71379 Update Bliss OS version in filename [Jon West]
e9c4e88 Fix errors in init [Jon West]
bff7c26 Fix ext3 installation [Jon West] 
  device/generic/common d76df72 Update with more permissions [Jon West] 
  frameworks/base a4b91cf Add Sleep button to Global Power Options [Jon West] 
  vendor/overlays 2fd06e7 Add Gesture bar radius [3/3] [pavanpaps]
6bc63e9 bliss:[SQUASH]allow customizing the length of gesture navbar & hide gesture navbar [Anay Wadhera] 
  vendor/overlays c06a7cf overlays: Switch to ThemePicker [Jackeagle] 

Thanks again 😉

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