Bliss OS 14.3 - FOSS builds - 07.24.21

Bliss OS 14.3 - FOSS Builds

A somewhat large update this round for 32bit & 64bit PC's. We have also gone live with our website redesign too

Updates Overview:

  • kernel-5.10.50
  • Updated Mesa 21.1.3
  • Updates for Intel graphics
  • Updates for MicroG
  • Fixes for root (magisk) on 32bit builds
  • Lots more, check the changelog

Builds being uploaded:

  • BlissOS-14.3-x86-202107202034_k-android12-5.10.50-ax86_m-21.1.3_r-x86_foss_cros-hd.iso
  • BlissOS-14.3-x86_64-202107242243_k-android12-5.10.50-ax86_m-21.1.3_r-x86_foss_cros-hd.iso

Known new issues:

  • Sleep states aren't working right on a few machines. Some can cause SystemUI to restart.
  • Some machines still have volume/sound issues, use 3rd party EQ or volume control.
  • Still trying to get Bluetooth working on many devices.
  • Magisk is only for root (modules, updates, etc. are not going to work and may break things)
  • ARM/ARM64 emulation not working on some AMD CPU's


Website has been updated with most recent build links.


Check the downloads folder for the build changelog.

!!WARNING!! The builds that use Kernel-5.2+ are no longer compatible with the AUTO_LOAD=old kernel command line option. If you are using this option to boot, then you will not be able to. It will bootloop.

PLEASE NOTE I recommend everyone testing to also use this in Vulkan mode or boot using gbm_gralloc (which is now the default). Vulkan mode can be done from the Advanced grub menu if you installed using the bootable installer, or if you used a different grub, you will want to add "VULKAN=1" to the grub entry before the word "quiet". If your device doesn't support Vulkan, you can add "GRALLOC=gbm" to the same place in your grub entry. Sleep states should work fine after that.
Other bootloop issues can also be solved by booting with GRALLOC=gbm command -line option.

Thanks again 😉

Head on over to for info on BlissLabs or for more info on Bliss OS.