Bliss OS 14.3 - 06.26.21 Updates

Bliss OS 14.3 - Generic Build

Since the last update, we have confirmed ARM64 emulation through ChromeOS v91's Houdini, and we have also fixed a number of DRM and Widevine problems, so apps that use those are also working now.
I also spent a good amount of time updating the new documentation site: and adding some troubleshooting tips and guides.
The build I am uploading today will not include Gearlock (no real reason, just didn't select it to include) so I will likely make another update with this combo kernel/mesa including Gearlock later in the week.

Updates Overview:

  • kernel-5.10.46
  • Updated Mesa 21.1.3
  • Updates for Intel graphics
  • Lots more, check the changelog

!!WARNING!! The builds that use Kernel-5.2+ are no longer compatible with the AUTO_LOAD=old kernel command line option. If you are using this option to boot, then you will not be able to. It will bootloop.

PLEASE NOTE I recommend everyone testing to also use this in Vulkan mode or boot using gbm_gralloc (which is now the default). Vulkan mode can be done from the Advanced grub menu if you installed using the bootable installer, or if you used a different grub, you will want to add "VULKAN=1" to the grub entry before the word "quiet". If your device doesn't support Vulkan, you can add "GRALLOC=gbm" to the same place in your grub entry. Sleep states should work fine after that.
Other bootloop issues can also be solved by booting with GRALLOC=gbm command -line option.

Builds being uploaded:

  • BlissOS-14.3-x86_64-202106261907_k-android12-5.10.46-ax86_m-21.1.3_r-x86_emugapps_cros-hd.iso ARM/ARM64 working

Known new issues:

  • Sleep states aren't working right on a few machines. Some can cause SystemUI to restart.
  • Some machines still have volume/sound issues, use 3rd party EQ or volume control.
  • Still trying to get Bluetooth working on many devices. .


Website has been updated with most recent build links. Including a couple AOSP 11 builds (Stock & FOSS)


Check the downloads folder for the build changelog.

Thanks again 😉

Head on over to for info on BlissLabs or for more info on Bliss OS.