Bliss & Astian, working together in the name of FOSS

A while back, we partnered up with Astian, the creators of Midori Browser, and have been working with their org to create a joint vision of what FOSS should look like for the Android community.

Through this, the next addition to our alliance with Astian has started to take form, and we are announcing the rollout of Astian Cloud, with 100GB free storage space with your trial, and soon, Bliss OS users will get 150GB of storage to help promote the new service.

Astian Cloud and others will soon be rolled out into updates for Bliss OS 11.x & Bliss OS 14.x FOSS editions, but for those that don't want to wait, you can find Astian Suite so far on Google Play: [] (Astian Albums, Astian Camera, Astian Calendar, Astian Cloud, Astian Contacts, Astian Spika & Astian VPN)

The apps are also in the process of being submitted to the mainline FDroid repo as well, so our FOSS builds will soon see some of that love in upcoming releases.

Check out the full announcement on the Astian blog: [].

For the Development community, we would like to announce our plan to create a vendor method for Astian as well so the entire suite can be easily included into AOSP based projects.